Terms and conditions

1. Contact

Gites le Mathelin, 2a Chemin de Mathelinn 24230 Lamothe-Montravel is owned by SARL Le Mathelin, 4 Chemin de Mathelin, 24230 Lamothe-Montravel.


2. Length of stay

The tenant undertakes to leave the gîte on the set date and time of departure.

Under no circumstances can the tenant claim an extension unless in consultation with the owner.

In connection with the residence taxes, the tenant must state the number of co-tenants plus the names and ages. If more people are present, the landlord has the right to refuse access to the gîte.


3. Rent and costs

The rental price includes the following rental charges: water, electricity, internet access, free parking. The rental price is exclusive of meals and tourist tax.
The landlord will provide the tenant with a receipt for each payment at his request.

Bank details (RIB) of the owner:

IBAN: FR76 1333 5003 0108 0053 1916 168
Attn SARL Le Mathelin, 24230 Lamothe Montravel


4. Booking

Reservations can be made easily via the website.

The tenant pays a deposit of 30% of the total price of the rent within the period of 7 days. This deposit can be made by transfer to the account of the landlord as indicated in paragraph 3. When the deposit is made, the agreement is concluded, with which you also declare that you have received and approved the general terms and conditions.

The general terms and conditions will be sent by e-mail as an attachment to the confirmation of reservation.

If the owner does not receive the deposit within the agreed time, he can cancel the rental within 8 days following the date of late payment of the deposit.


5. Payment of the balance

The balance must be paid 30 days before the date of stay, with the exception of last minute reservations, where the total amount is paid in cash on arrival.


6. Guarantee

On the day of arrival, a deposit of 500€ (Gite) / 250€ (Studio) is paid in cash to the owner. The owner will provide a receipt for receipt of the deposit.

This deposit will be refunded within 15 days of the date of departure, after deduction of any damage established on the basis of an inventory, dated and signed by both parties.

The deposit is under no circumstances considered part of the rental value and therefore no interest can be claimed on it.


7. Cancellation Policy

Any cancellation must be communicated in writing or by email to Gites le Mathelin.

7.1 In case of uncertainty about traveling to France due to Corona

We understand that it is difficult to plan a holiday because of Corona. To reduce the worry when booking, we have extended the cancellation policy for the 2022 season.

If, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country of the guest or host, a negative travel advice is given within 2 weeks before arrival for the Dordogne region in France, i.e. “travel not allowed”, the reservation can be rebooked 1 time to a later moment up to a maximum of 1 year after the original arrival date.

For all other cases of cancellation, our standard terms and conditions apply. So don’t forget to take out your own cancellation insurance.

7.2 Standard cancellation conditions

Cancellation by the tenant

In case of cancellation more than 30 days before arrival, 30% of the total rental price will be charged.
In case of cancellation within the period of 30 days before the start date of the stay, the total rent is due.
Where possible, we will try to rent out the accommodation. In that case, an amount can be refunded to the tenant.

If the tenant does not show up within 24 hours following the day of arrival:

the advance remains the property of the owner who has the right to claim the balance,
the owner can dispose of his property.
Early departure of the tenant, for whatever reason, does not give rise to a refund of the rent, even partially.

We strongly recommend that you take out travel and cancellation insurance.


8. Availability

If the rented property is not available due to circumstances, the landlord undertakes to immediately repay the full amount paid to the tenant. No further form of compensation can be requested by the tenant.


9. Arrival – Departure

If the gîte is not occupied on the agreed date or in the event of late
arrival, please inform us on the following telephone number: +33/ (0)6
82 28 23 97

We ask our guests to respect the arrival and departure times as best as possible.

Arrival: between 4 and 9 p.m.
Departure: before 10 am

The gite must be left tidy and smudge-free. Everything should be back in its original place.

No dirty dishes are left behind. Dishwasher, microwave, refrigerator and waste bins must be empty and clean on departure. Household waste, glass and paper must be taken away.

If this is not the case, making additional cleaning necessary, 50 euros of the deposit will be deducted without any dispute.


10. Liability

The tenant moves into the space with due care. He is responsible for the rented property, equipment and grounds made available to him. He reimburses the owner for all costs resulting from his negligence and undertakes to report any damage. By renting the gîte, the tenant undertakes to leave it in the condition in which he received it (see inventory).

The landlord is not liable for damage or personal injury, loss or theft of property of the tenants.

The landlord is not liable for unforeseen cases, cases of force majeure or hindrance that disrupt or hinder the stay.

Under no circumstances can they give rise to the payment of compensation.

In case of disputes, all (legal) costs are for the account of the tenant.

The lessor is not liable for damage that arises as a result of natural disasters, natural disasters, attacks, strikes, acts of violence or accidents.

The landlord complies with the legally prescribed safety protocols to prevent contamination from covid-19.

Swimming pool:
Children must always be supervised by a responsible adult, the lessor can under no circumstances be held liable for any accidents.


11. Inventory 

On arrival and before departure, the tenant and owner will draw up and sign the inventory and inventory.


12. Insurance

The tenant declares himself liable for any damage to the house or its contents, which has arisen as a result of or through the actions of the tenant during the rental period. The tenant must check whether his personal insurance covers this.


13. Miscellaneous

The tenant undertakes:

To respect the inhabitants and the environment in general: fauna, flora, various equipment, etc…
The gîte can be rented for own use and not for subletting.
Immediately notify the owner of any defects.
Allow the owner or handymen access during the stay for any urgent repairs.
Adhere to the house rules that are an integral part of the rental agreement.
Smoking in the gîte and pets are not allowed.


14. Termination of Full Right

In case of violation by the tenant of one of the obligations, the rental agreement is automatically terminated. This termination is effective immediately.


15. Disputes

Any complaints must be communicated in writing to the landlord within 3 days after moving into the house. After the expiry of this period, no complaints can be taken into account.